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January 1, 2006

My television debut

You know, I didn't think I would get excited about this ... maybe excited is the wrong word ... how about interested? Anyway, I will be on TV tonight on a local PBS station discussing blogs (a topic people seem to think I know something about). The TV show is Tech Talk, and it is a show filmed at the U of M discussing technology related matters. Tonight's show will be about Blogs and Wikis, and along with me Kurtis Scaletta will be discussing wikis. At first glance you may not recognize the name of Kurtis Scaletta, but let me tell you it was an honor to be on the same billing as him! Kurtis is responsible for many of the flash games found on Bat Girl, as well as being a prodigious commenter on that site too.

So, tonight at 9:00 feel free to tune into Twin Cities PBS channel 17 (channel 13 for me on digital cable) and watch me (probably) butcher the topic of blogs. Luckily I'm ony on for 6-7 minutes. I swear I'll barely be able to watch, but the entertainment value for my wife should be high.

If you watch let me know what you think!

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