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January 26, 2006

So long, Wally

Unless you haven't been paying attention, you know that the T-Wolves have made a blockbuster trade with Boston. Boston gets Szczerbiak, Michael Olowokandi and Dwayne Jones and a future first-round draft pick while Minnesota gets Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, Justin Reed and two conditional second-round draft picks.

I like this move. Wally has been a favorite of mine since his rookie year, but he was not the answer. He could not help KG reach the next level. It was time to realize this and move on. I also like that we finally dumped that stiff Olawakandi. Thank goodness the "Kandi Era" is now over. I even like that we gave them a first round draft pick. Looking over McHale's decisions on first round draft picks over the years tells me he doesn't have a clue what he is doing with these picks. We mine as well give it up and save ourselves from his bonehead decisions (except for KG and Wally, of course).

KG has been the ultimate professional with Wally, but there is no doubt in my mind that Wally bugged the heck out of KG. Every pass, every shot made, every little thing Wally did on the court ... he would need a high five. It even bugged me. I could see KG just cringe every time Wally forced a high five or a finger point on him. Sometimes you gotta just play the game Wally and leave KG alone!

Getting Davis and Blount should improve the Wolves defensively and offensively. I think we will see the Wolves reach respectability with this move. Time will tell, but I am excited.

So long, Wally!


No more high fives for you!

Posted by snackeru at January 26, 2006 10:06 PM


I come to Greet Machine for many things, insight basketball analysis is not one of them :o)

This trade is a joke. Sure we had to get rid of the Kandi man, and my feelings about Wally probably mirror Shane's - but still Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, Justin Reed and two conditional second-round draft picks? (What possible conditions could be placed on a 2nd round draft choice? Blount is an older Kandi with a bigger contract, Marcus Banks has been such a disappointing first round draft pick, I'm surprise McHale didn't draft him. Ricky Davis is the only value the T-Wolves got

Plus we got rid of another first round draft pick, but don't worry, we have three 2nd rounders so we can pick the next Rick Rickert - can't wait until Spencer Tallackson is available for the draft.

Sure McHale has been lousy with drafts, but at least keep something around for the next guy to work with. This is a desparate trade, by a desparate GM who has no plan for his team and is absolutely clueless in what to do next. I have one suggestion - resign.

Posted by: freealonzo at January 27, 2006 7:47 AM

McHale is a joke. I will agree with that. And this trade won't put the Wolves in the Finals. I will agree with that too. But from what I've read and heard from national NBA "experts" is that the Wolves got the better end of the deal. I happen to agree.

In the end, I expect the NBA to entertain me. This is highly entertaining. Let's see how this shakes out.

Posted by: Shane at January 27, 2006 8:32 AM

And freealonzo, there is only one thing I analyze with any kind of authority, as you know. The rest you should definitely take with a grain of salt. I definitely don't pretend to be an expert on the NBA (or MLB, or the NFL, or ..., etc.)

Posted by: Shane at January 27, 2006 8:34 AM

I agree with freealonzo, the Wolves did not get enough value for their players. Losing a 1st rd pick is rarely good. CNNSI, ESPN and NBA.com all say that the Celtics got the better of the deal. Not sure where you are reading that the majority of "experts" are saying the Wolves did. I have yet to find one. I know you never liked Wally, but they should have got more for him and Kandi.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at January 27, 2006 9:02 AM

too bad--we no longer have the best looking basketball player in the league...

Posted by: mom at January 27, 2006 10:53 AM

Yes, Wally's "chiseled" physique will no longer be on display as he stands there like a statue and allows drives to the hoop!

Posted by: chapman at January 27, 2006 10:58 AM

This trade is pretty awful. We traded Olowokandi's expiring contract for four additional seasons of Mark Blount, so even the salary relief by going from Wally to Davis is nullified. And for a franchise that's headed down fast, trading another future first-round pick might not be a good idea.

If we could have just traded Wally for Davis and taken on an expiring contract to make the salaries match, that would have been fine. Or dump Jaric in a similar fashion. But now the Celtics get Wally, rid themselves of a burdensome contract, and pick up a first-rounder to boot.

Posted by: spycake at January 27, 2006 12:30 PM

I never thought I would write this, but: I agree with Spycake. I think we'll look back at Blount as particularily Kanid-esque in a couple of years. In addition, I have loved Wally ever since his time in college, and was sad to see him go. I think we'll end missing both Wally and the first round draft pick. When is the NFL Draft again?

Curt in Grand Forks

Posted by: Anonymous at January 27, 2006 8:44 PM

Thought you'd appreciate this one:

"We gave more high-fives to each other tonight than we had all year combined," [Celtics coach] Rivers said before exiting the interview podium [after Wally's first game].

Posted by: SBG at January 28, 2006 8:22 AM

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