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January 28, 2006

High Five Machine!

From SouthofBoston.com, the words of Celtics coach Doc Rivers. And I quote:

"I like guys who love to play. He gave us a lot of energy. He was really up, pumping guys up. I thought tonight we gave more high-fives to each other than we've combined all year, and I thought Wally started it. That's a good thing. We need that.''

I think Doc will soon find out that when it comes to high-fives, Wally starts it, continues it unabated throughout the middle, and doesn't stop even when the final buzzer sounds. The man is a high-five machine! According to Rivers, Wally caused more high-fives last night than high-fives in all the other Celtics game combined! Someone call Guinness!

I predict by the end of the season Paul Pierce clocks Wally screaming, "Don't touch me anymore!" Doc may be happy with Wally's energy now, but when Wally gives his 500th high-five out for a simple bounce pass he may fray some peoples' nerves. You heard it here first!

(Thanks to SBG for passing on the quote.)

Posted by snackeru at January 28, 2006 9:32 AM


This has nothing to do with your post of today.
I tried the new Black Cherry Vanilla Coke (diet) and it's a little too sweet for me, and I don't just have a sweet tooth, but a whole set of dentures. I'd rather have the Vanilla Diet Coke. Whe am I capitolizing this as if it is a person?

Posted by: Cheesehead's Wife at January 29, 2006 8:53 PM

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