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February 9, 2006

Ways and Means Committee

UPDATE 2/28/06: I've been informed that Vandeveer and Walker will now vote Yes on the Hennepin County plan. Add that to Dan Larson's yes vote and that brings the total to 22 for and 16 against. Yep, that would do it!

Ouch. Once the stadium bill gets past the Taxes committee (ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! that is a good one!) it would have to be passed by the Ways and Means Committee. From what I can tell, this will be another huge battle. It is also where the Pawlenty/Sviggum stadium bill was killed two years ago. Here is the breakdown:

Chair: Jim Knoblach (R) rep.jim.knoblach@house.mn No
Vice Chair: Jerry Dempsey (R) rep.jerry.dempsey@house.mn Yes
Lead-DFL: Loren Solberg (DFL) rep.loren.solberg@house.mn Yes
Jim Abeler (R) rep.jim.abeler@house.mn Yes
Ron Abrams (R) rep.ron.abrams@house.mn No
Irv Anderson (DFL) rep.irv.anderson@house.mn Yes (?)
Michael Beard (R) rep.mike.beard@house.mn Yes
Fran Bradley (R) rep.fran.bradley@house.mn Yes
Mark Buesgens (R) rep.mark.buesgens@house.mn No
Lyndon Carlson (DFL) rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn No
Karen Clark (DFL) rep.karen.clark@house.mn No
Dan Dorman (R) rep.dan.dorman@house.mn Yes
John Dorn (DFL) rep.john.dorn@house.mn Yes
Ron Erhardt (R) rep.ron.erhardt@house.mn No
Mindy Greiling (DFL) rep.mindy.greiling@house.mn No
Bob Gunther (R) rep.bob.gunther@house.mn Yes
Rod Hamilton (R) rep.rod.hamilton@house.mn Yes
Bill Hilty (DFL) rep.bill.hilty@house.mn Yes
Mary Liz Holberg (R) rep.maryliz.holberg@house.mn No
Thomas Huntley (DFL) rep.thomas.huntley@house.mn Yes
Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL) rep.margaret.kelliher@house.mn Yes
Karen Klinzing (R) rep.karen.klinzing@house.mn No
Philip Krinkie (R) rep.phil.krinkie@house.mn No
Dan Larson (DFL) rep.dan.larson@house.mn Yes
Carlos Mariani (DFL) rep.carlos.mariani@house.mn No
Denny McNamara (R) rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn Yes
Bud Nornes (R) rep.bud.nornes@house.mn Yes
Mary Ellen Otremba (DFL) rep.maryellen.otremba@house.mn No
Dennis Ozment (R) rep.dennis.ozment@house.mn Yes
Michael Paymar (DFL) rep.michael.paymar@house.mn No
Tom Rukavina (DFL) rep.tom.rukavina@house.mn Yes
Connie Ruth (R) rep.connie.ruth@house.mn Yes
Marty Seifert (R) rep.marty.seifert@house.mn No
Steve Smith (R) rep.steve.smith@house.mn No
Barb Sykora (R) rep.barb.sykora@house.mn Yes
Ray Vandeveer (R) rep.ray.vandeveer@house.mn Yes (formerly No)
Jean Wagenius (DFL) rep.jean.wagenius@house.mn No
Neva Walker (DFL) rep.neva.walker@house.mn Yes (formerly No)

19-19 and one unknown. Actually, a couple of unknowns. Again, this is all an educated guess on my part. And I'd like to know how and why after we get done with Krinkie, Abrams, and Knoblach in the Taxes committee we have to see these turkeys again in the Ways and Means Committee! That bums me out.

I'd also be surprised if the stadium bill got out of either committee without a referendum attached. I'm not sure that is a bad thing either. We need to get this bill to the floor of the House. Once it is there I think there would be enough votes to strip off a referendum. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see this bill fly through without any referendum attached, but every single committe will try to attach one, and then there will be multiple attempts on the floor. It will be fun (?) to watch.

If anyone has any insight on this committee please let me know.

• Secondly, Charley Walters reported yesterday:
Gov. Tim Pawlenty, some legislative leaders, and Hennepin County and Twins officials are expected to meet again next week to continue dialogue about a new ballpark in downtown Minneapolis.

And the beat goes on. Another year, another round of talks. Let's see if anything happens this time.

Posted by snackeru at February 9, 2006 9:03 AM | Stadiums


It may already be too late, Shane.

This tidbit from the City Pages Blotter...

"Predicting growth is a losing vocation, but developers apparently have no fear: There are 50 [condominium] projects in the pipeline currently, and the latest is calling for some 3,500 to 5,000 units. That project is on the Rapid Park lot, the chosen site for a proposed Twins stadium.

"The fact that the developers are going ahead makes it seem that perhaps at least one area resident--the Minnesota Twins--won't be moving into new downtown digs."

...makes me think that the site owners aren't willing to sit around and be teased about whether or not their land will ever be used for a ballpark.

And, of course, if the presumptive site tied to the Hennepin County deal is not going to be available for use, a good number of those marginal 'yes' votes will likely flip back to 'no', simply because it makes no sense to approve a project where the principles don't have all their ducks in a row.

Sorry, man.

Posted by: David Wintheiser at February 9, 2006 5:07 PM

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