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February 27, 2006

Weekend update

• So, as we gear up for the upcoming legislative session, I've been getting some notes from people concerning my Voter's Guide and changes that should be made to it. Here is what I've heard so far:

Maxine Penas (1A): changed from a No to a Yes.
Pete Nelson (17B): changed from a No to a Yes.
Scott Newman (18A): changed from an Unknown to a No.
Greg Davids (31B): changed from a No to a Yes.
Tom Emmer (19B): changed from an Unknown to a No.
Dan Larson (63B): changed from an Unknown to a Yes.

This brings the grand total so far to:

   Pro-American (Pro-stadium) legislators: 75
   Anti-American (Anti-stadium) legislators: 52
   Unknown: 7

I have also been told that Tony Cornish (24B) should be changed to a Yes. This is surprising to me since last year in the Governmental Operations committee he made it quite clear that he wanted the Twins to put up at least half before he would approve. In fact, I was going to write him to ask him if he was therefore in favor of the Viking stadium bill since Zygi is putting up half. I may have to contact him and ask him what is up. Not that he'll get back to me. As David has said, I think legislators are avoiding me now.

Also, I was stunned to hear that Mary Ellen Otremba is now in the Yes column. Stunned. Curt, isn't this your former district? Can you contact Otremba and ask if this is true?

Finally, I know pro-stadium people are feeling optimistic, but let's take a moment for a little reality check here. The session starts on Wednesday and that is when the partisan politics will begin. Both sides will say, "We can't deal with stadiums until we get all our other business taken care of." Two months later they will still be arguing, the session will end with the stadium bill never reaching the floor, and we'll begin the long summer of "should we call a special session?" I'm not saying I am giving up, no no no... I am just steeling myself for this inevitability.

• And on a completely different note, awhile back I alluded to the possibility that the Greet Machine would soon cease to exist and that changes in my life could be coming. Well, you'll be happy (maybe not?) to know that neither will be happening. In November I applied for a new position at the University of St. Thomas. I had an interview at the beginning of February, but in the interview I think we could both tell that it just wasn't the right fit. I found out last Friday that I didn't get the job.

This process was both painful and exiciting. After the interview, I was pretty confident that I might get offered the job. So, at that point I had to make a choice of telling my boss and his boss that I might be leaving. This was a hard decision because, obivously, I didn't know how they would react. Fortunately, they were happy for me. They understood that I wanted to take a step up in my career. But what made me even more surprised, and actually touched, is that they said they would make me a retention offer.

So, even though I didn't get the new job offer, or the retention offer, it still felt good that my work is appreciated here at the U. In fact, this whole process has really showed me how much I enjoy working here.

However, back to the fact that I got nothing for my troubles. This kind of bothered me, so I bought myself a 30GB iPod Video. Sure, I slept on the couch that night, and yes, I really can't afford it. But I justify it based on all the pain I went through, and because, quite frankly, I deserve something nice every once in a while.


Talk to you later!

Posted by snackeru at February 27, 2006 8:27 AM | Life | Stadiums


To jump on the optimistic bandwagon...this legislative session shouldn't be as contentious as the last. Mostly they take up the capital request and clean up other issues. After they finish the capital request, there is no other business that has to get "done first." Given the fact that it's an election year and no one wants to be seen not getting their work done, there's no reason the ballpark can't be taken up in a timely basis. The only thing that may mess up the schedule is the gay marriage issue, but again no way does it get in the way of finishing the session on time.

As for I-pods - congrats. My 40gb I-pod died and I needed something new. The video I-pod just doesn't appeal to me. I could care less to see Lost or the latest Jay-Z video on a 2 inch screen. A 4gb nano won't hold all my songs so I ended up buying a used 20gb I-pod. Why can't Apple sell a 20-40gb non-video I-pod at a price point less than the video I-pod? I would guess there is a market for it, especially among older consumers.

Posted by: freealonzo at February 27, 2006 9:37 AM

I know that's not your ipod you are showing as there is no chance you are listening to Gorillaz.

Posted by: Cheesehead Craig at February 27, 2006 9:39 AM

I just bought a Creative Zen Vision:M over the weekend. Convinced Lucy that I needed to get it.

Posted by: SBG at February 27, 2006 11:21 AM

Looking forward to that first podcast.

Posted by: MrCheerOrDIe at February 27, 2006 1:11 PM

Congrats on the vanity purchase and getting some validation at the U! You really should be on the lobbying payroll for the Twins & Vikes...

Also, I thought you'd mention, adding to last week's optimism from Charley "Shooter" Walters, Sid Hartman brought good news on Sunday:

"House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, said he has his party's votes, and House Minority Leader Matt Entenza, DFL-St. Paul, said he is in favor of the plan. Also, Sen. Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, said he is all for working out something. And Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, DFL-Willmar, has been in favor for some time. So there still is a chance that the stadium will be built and baseball will remain here."

Of course, it might be better if both Charley and Sid predicted doom for the stadium this session, given their track records.

Posted by: spycake at February 27, 2006 1:50 PM

Yes, Otremba is from my old district and has always been anti-stadium. Perhaps she changed her mind due to the fact that Hennepin County, as opposed to the whole state, will be solely paying for it. I will send her an e-mail, though, to attempt to find out exactly what she is thinking. I'm trying hard not to get excited, but things are looking up.

Curt in Grand Forks

Posted by: Curt Hanson at February 28, 2006 8:24 AM

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