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November 7, 2006

Random musings

• I heard this quote a couple of days ago and found it hilariously accurate:

"If women knew what we were thinking they would never stop slapping us."

Funny stuff. I believe the comedian Larry Miller first said it.

• Well, today is election day and I for one am excited about it. Today we'll finally find out if certain politicians will pay for approving that boondoggle of a Twins stadium. I for one predict small payments, if any. In fact, I would be surprised if any legislator loses his or her job over this issue. I think more people care about the big issues like health care, the war in Iraq, education, etc., and rightfully so.

What will really make my day, though, is if Mike Opat is reelected. If that happens, which I think it will, I would argue that a Vikings stadium will be that much easier to approve (whenever a decent plan is proposed). We'll see. Regardless of what the future holds, Mike Opat winning tonight would make my whole week.

• Did you all see that the Foshay Tower is going to be turned into a swanky hotel? Of course, if you are interested the mighty Wikipedia has a great article on the history of what was once dubbed the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi. The article also has this fascinating tidbit of trivia:

When the building was completed, [Foshay] held a large ceremony featuring music by John Philip Sousa. Foshay even persuaded him to create a special march named "Foshay Tower-Washington Memorial March" that was only played once during Foshay's lifetime, for the opening of the Tower. Six weeks after the building's opening, Foshay's corporate empire had crumbled to dust as the Great Depression began. Ignominiously, Foshay's check to Sousa bounced, and in retaliation, Sousa prohibited the playing of the march so long as Foshay's debt to him remained outstanding. In 1999, a group of Minnesota investors repaid Foshay's debt to Sousa's estate, and the march was permitted to be played again.

I know what you are thinking ... you are thinking, "No way!" To which I would answer, "Way!" I thought that was pretty cool.

• Finally, I will leave you with a discussion on what is my favorite commercial of the past five years: the Burger King commercial where the chicken wants to be a french fry. You know the one I am talking about? Hilarious. I wish they would have played it more. Makes me want to eat chicken strips. Youtube has a clip of it, but the sound is a little off. Anyway, to quote the commercial, "Maybe I DO wanna be a french fry!" Like I've said before, my friends, simple pleasures. Learn to love the simple pleasures.

That is about it.

Posted by snackeru at November 7, 2006 10:46 AM


I see Phil Krinkie was voted out...HOT DAMN!!

Posted by: kevin in az at November 8, 2006 8:01 AM

I expressly came here this morning to comment and say the following: it looks like your buddy Krinkie went down. But kevin in az beat me to it.

It's a great day for Minnesota when that enemy of civilization and progress is removed from the state legislature.

Posted by: SBG at November 8, 2006 8:37 AM

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