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November 8, 2006

Phil Krinkie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

krinkie.jpg Poor Phil Krinkie. I think it is an understatement to say that he had a bad year. Consider:

Wow, what a crappy year! What is especially amazing about this is that Phil Krinkie was a pretty powerful member of the legislature. He was chair of the extremely important House Taxes Committee. And yet his constituents voted him out. Stunning.

Posted by snackeru at November 8, 2006 4:26 PM


Freealonzo said it best: Oh, the karma! :-)

Too bad all this took place after Anoka has pretty much wussed out on the Vikings, but I guess their loss is likely to be Hennepin's gain...maybe with a developer now owning the Vikings, we could actually get some development around a renovated or replaced Metrodome.

Posted by: Mark at November 8, 2006 5:51 PM

It was great to see Krinkie go down. Now the Vikngs will not have to scale the dreaded "Krinkie Wall" in the tax committee to get thier stadium.

I feel bad for Dean Johnson though. I don't think his loss had anything to do with the Twins stadium, but I appreciate his efforts. The religious right took him down, even though he is a minister himself. Scary. Thanks for your service Sen. Johnson.

Posted by: David Howe at November 8, 2006 6:39 PM

I do believe that the vikings have a fair chance now.

As for Dean Johnson, he did that all himself. Poor guy. He was caught being a politician.

Posted by: Tim R. at November 9, 2006 9:32 AM

The enemy of progress and civiliation is gone. Huzzah!

Posted by: SBG at November 9, 2006 5:45 PM

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