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July 9, 2007

Blues name generator

Man I love goofy stuff generators! How bout this one: The Blues Name Generator.

If I was to be a blues singer, according to this site my blues name would be:

`Wailin'´ Junior Coolidge

(harmonica interlude)
The Twins got theirs
The Gophers too
But now here come the Vikings
And that makes me blue
I gots the stadium blues ... baby!
Yeah ... I gots the stadium blues!
Too many billionaires want my money
When I gots to make my cornbread
(harmonica solo)

Any other blues singers out there? Because when Wailin' Junior Coolidge starts singing, the blues start a flowin' ...

Posted by snackeru at July 9, 2007 2:10 PM


From now on, I answer to nothing but 'Washboard' Abraham Dupree.

(slide guitar solo)
Well my average is slidin'
I'm batting .202
My buntin' skills have gone to hell
Got the Nick Punto blues....
I got those Nick Punto blues
I slide into first
For no reason at all
The fans are getting restless
'Cause I can't hit the ball...
I got those Nick Punto blues
I got those low-down, pop-fly, sad-sack, utility-infielder blues
(harmonica solo)

Posted by: Jon at July 9, 2007 5:12 PM

'Average' Horace Curtis here...willing to lend some backup on those Nick Punto blues...

Posted by: Snyder at July 10, 2007 10:12 AM

"Fiery" Pickle Fillmore checking in with the Najaf Hatin' Blues

Bluesy Harmonica interlude...

Sittin’ here in Najaf, worried about IED’s
Clothes filled with sand, sweat, and fleas
I used to be a teacher back in the old USA
Was a weekend warrior, but only for the extra pay

Got the sand eatin’ IED dodgin’ Najaf hatin’ blues

...harmonica solo

Posted by: Freealonzo at July 10, 2007 11:41 AM

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