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April 1, 2010

Good times

Unbeknownst to me, my good friend Freealonzo has put together a little tribute to this fine blog on the eve of the first outdoor Twins baseball game in over 28 years. Needless to say, I am very touched by this. Thanks Free!

If you have no clue who I am or what this blog is/was all about ...

I started this blog way back in 2004 with the express purpose of blathering about the efforts to get a new Twins stadium built in Minnesota. Over the years, I have written well over 350 posts about stadiums in Minnesota, with most of those coming between the years 2004 and 2007. This blog was a clearinghouse for Twins stadium information. I wrote about every piece of news, every legislative action, every committee hearing, and finally the fateful votes in the House and the Senate that have resulted in the beauty that is Target Field.

But nothing I did had quite the impact of the Voters' Guide:

The Greet Machine Voters' Guide

Yes, it is still up there. I never updated it to reflect the actual votes, so as you can see I was about 4 votes off. Not too shabby!

I put together the Voters' Guide in October of 2004 using nothing more than library-supplied databases and Google. I searched and searched and searched for any comments made by MN House of Representative legislators concerning the Twins stadium in any source I could find. The result was the Voters' Guide.

The amazing thing I found was that the Twins stadium actually had enough votes to pass the House. Apparently this was not common knowledge.

After a few months of the Voters' Guide being out there, a funny thing started happening: I started to get emails and phone calls from a whole bunch of interesting people, especially from the Hennepin County Commissioners office and the land owners. And I was told my Voters' Guide made it all the way to the Twins front office.

The story I've been told is that the Twins, the County, and the land owners were having a meeting to decide if they were going to try yet again to get a stadium bill passed in the 2006 legislative session. The Twins were skeptical and quite frankly they were defeated. Then someone brought out the Voters' Guide and slapped it down on the table and said, "We have the votes. Some blogger figured it out." The Twins reviewed the document, and while they still remained skeptical (what does some stupid blogger know?) they decided to give it one more try.

I've been told that story by numerous people that were at the table. And while I'm sure I've got some of the details wrong, I have no reason to doubt that the Voters' Guide had some kind of impact.

And that makes me proud. I'll admit it. As I walk around Target Field I am very proud that no matter how pathetic and insignificant my contribution was, I still did something.

Anyway, thanks for all the tributes. We had some good times didn't we? You know, the best part of all of this (besides getting a stadium built) is all the friends I've made. I'll see you all at the ballpark! Come on by section 324 and say hi!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

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