The Tax Committee

The votes as I see them in the House Tax committee for the 2006 Twins stadium bill. For a complete list of votes in the House concerning the Twins stadium bill please see the Voter's Guide.

Predicted 12 no, 17 yes..

Actual 13 no, 15 yes, 1 absent.

NameEmailPredicted VoteActual Vote
Chair: Philip Krinkie (R) NoNo
Vice Chair: Dean Simpson (R) YesYes
Lead-DFL: Ann Lenczewski (DFL) NoNo
Ron Abrams (R) NoNo
Irv Anderson (DFL) YesYes
Joe Atkins (DFL) YesYes
Connie Bernardy (DFL) YesNo
Laura Brod (R) YesYes
Gregory M. Davids (R) YesYes
Jim Davnie (DFL) NoNo
Chris DeLaForest (R) NoAbsent
David Dill (DFL) YesYes
Dan Dorman (R) YesYes
Ron Erhardt (R) NoNo
Larry Howes (R) NoNo
Mike Jaros (DFL) YesNo
Jim Knoblach (R) NoNo
Lyle Koenen (DFL) YesYes
Paul Kohls (R) NoNo
Morrie Lanning (R) YesYes
John Lesch (DFL) YesYes
Paul Marquart (DFL) YesYes
Joe Mullery (DFL) NoNo
Peter Nelson (R) YesYes
Tom Rukavina (DFL) YesYes
Katie Sieben (DFL) YesYes
Ray Vandeveer (R) NoNo
Andrew "Andy" Westerberg (R) YesYes
Kurt Zellers (R) NoNo

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