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Going Green

Many people across the country have been doing various thing to contribute to the "going green" movement. One of the most talked about issues is alternative fuel sources, such as ethanol. Though various alternative fuel sources are more environment-friendly, people are now complaining about rising prices at the grocery store.

Higher fuel prices mean it costs more to grow and transport crops. But Swanson says an even bigger factor is hundreds of millions of bushels of corn that used to feed people and livestock, now being converted into ethanol.

The price of corn has risen almost 70% in the last 6 months. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, this year the country is going to use 18 to 20 percent of its total corn crop for the production of ethanol, and by next year that will jump to 25 percent.

The controversy over corn and ethanol in our country leaves many wondering if we'll ever find the right balance between "going green" and "saving green".