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A TAM airlines Airbus-320 was en route to Sao Paulo from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil on Tuesday when it skidded on the runway in Sao Paulo and crashed into a gas station.

Eyewitness Elias Rodrigues Jesus, a TAM worker, told The Associated Press he was walking near the site when he saw the jet explode in between a gas station and a Tam building.

"All of a sudden I heard a loud explosion, and the ground beneath my feet shook," Jesus said. "I looked up and I saw a huge ball of fire, and then I smelled the stench of kerosene and sulfur."

Officials say it's not likely that they will find any survivors.

All 186 aboard the flight died in the accident, along with at least three people on the ground. So far workers have recovered 117 badly charred bodies.

The runway that the plane took off on has been repeatedly criticized as dangerously short.

This crash was named the worst in Brazil's history.