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Religious Harassment at Swift and Company

Jama Mohamed was working at a Nebraska meatpacking plant in June, when he wished to pray. He was then harassed and told that his prayers were not welcome.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has drafted a complaint to federal officials that is awaiting the signatures of dozens of Muslim Somali workers who allege they were fired or harassed by supervisors at a Grand Island meatpacking plant for trying to pray at sunset.

At least 44 workers voluntarily quit, or were fired, due to this issue.

Swift and Company allegedly violated civil rights laws by not allowing the workers to pray at sundown.

Mohamed said it is important for Muslims to pray within scheduled times and not to postpone prayers or say them early.

"I would never forgive myself and God would not forgive me if I do not pray on time because I want to earn some money," he said.