Australian Skydiver Breaks Sound Barrier

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Australian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner landed safely Sunday after becoming the first skydiver to break the sound barrier, news sources report.

The helium balloon departed Roswell, New Mexico and ascended too more than 120,000 ft. where Baumgartner jumped. He landed safely on the ground, eliminating the crowd with cheers, FOX news reports.

Baumgartner was expected to hit a speed of 690 mph, breaking the speed of sound as he falls, according to FOX news. The whole trip took about 10 minutes, half of it being freefall, BBC news reports.

The previous record for the biggest jump was held by US Air Force Col Joe Kittinger over 52 years ago when he jumped from a helium envelop at 102,800ft, BBC news reports. Kittinger was apart of Baumgartner's team and was the only one directly in contact with him throughout the jump, FOX news reports

Baumgartner's medical director, Dr. Jonathan Clark, told reporters "he expected the pressurized spacesuit to protect him from the shock waves of breaking the sound barrier," according to FOX news.

Baumgartner promised this was his final jump. The Australian plans to settle down with his girlfriend and do flying rescue missions in the U.S. and Austria, FOX news reports.

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