Marriage amendment signs disappear

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With the election approaching, the main targets this year are lawn signs pertaining to the marriage amendment, with continual theft and vandalism of the signs on both sides of the issue, news sources report.

Sign thefts happen in almost every election, but the marriage amendment is an issue that seems to irritate many people, resulting in new levels of sign theft and intimidation. "There is no statewide tally, but police, citizens and advocacy groups say sign thefts are soaring," Pioneer Press reports.

So far this political season, 33 cases of stolen signs have been reported in Woodbury. That is dramatic increase from the last presidential election where Woodbury police reported one theft of a sign, Pioneer Press reports

Based on the letters to the editor at the Star Tribune, they've been receiving almost daily reports of newly victimized signs. Most pertaining to the marriage amendment, Star Tribune reports.

In Herb Goetsch's neighborhood, lawn signs change almost every day. He worries about what the vandalizers will result to next, "are they going to start breaking windows, harming our property or physically harming us?" Pioneer Press reports.

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