Two Navy Submarines Collide off the East Coast

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The Pentagon is looking into why a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine collided with an Aegis cruiser off the East Coast late Saturday, news sources report.

No one was injured on the submarine USS Montpelier and the Aegis cruiser USS San Jacinto, Pentagon officials told NBC News. The news release says the damage is being evaluated and the submarine's propulsion plant was "unaffected by the collision," Associated Press reports.

"We have had circumstances where Navy vessels have collided at sea in the past, but they're fairly rare as to how often they do take place," Lt. Commander Brian Badura of the Fleet Forces Command told Associated Press. "If we do have an incident that does take place, there are folks that swing into action."

Both of the ships are based out of Norfolk, Va. and according to the news release, will continue to operate under their own power (Associated Press and NBC News).

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