Wis. man accused of a spa shooting; injuring 7, killing 4

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A Wisconsin man shot 7 seven women, killing three, in a rampage shooting in a spa near Brookfield, Wis. Sunday, news sources report.

The shooting took place at approximately 11:15 a.m, when the suspected gunman, Radcliffe Haughton of Brown Deer, Wis., 45, came came in looking for his wife who worked there and started shooting, Star Tribune reports.

This set off a confusing, six-hour search for the gunman that locked down a nearby mall, hospital, and country club. He was later found dead in the spa, Star Tribune reports.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a restraining order requested by Haughton's wife was issued against him on Thursday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. Haughton was previously accused of domestic violence and slashing his wife's tires, Yahoo News reports.

Police said it would take some time to sort out what happened, and they are still interviewing witnesses and rescuers about the time of events. At a news conference Sunday night, Mayor Steve Ponto called the shootings "a senseless act on the part of one person," news sources report.

According to a spokeswoman from Froedtert Memorial Hospital, the four shooting victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries at the hospital, Yahoo News reports.

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