Groupon stock plummets, analysis

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When it comes to telling a story about the stock market, numbers are one of the most important factors in the story.
The writer uses numbers to tell the news of Groupon sales slowing, which significantly decreases their stock. She balances the numbers well throughout the story, making it understandable for a person who may not completely comprehend how the stock market works.
The source of the numbers comes directly from the stock exchange. She uses percentages to describe the decrease in stock for the company, and this is an effective way to describe how the decrease compares overall in the company. She also uses the numbers to describe how the company's stock market has been slowing down over the whole year, alluding to their continued struggles in the company.
Overall, the writer does a good job of making the numbers easy to follow and making comparisons that give the reader an overall big picture of Groupon's decreasing stocks.
The article can be found here.

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