Mall of America tightening restrictions for teens on Black Friday

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Mall of America is tightening security on Black Friday by not allowing unaccompanied teenagers at the mall on the biggest shopping days of the year, news sources report.

Children younger than 16 and who are not with an adult 21 or older will not be welcome at the Mall of America on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday, and also during the week between Christmas and New Year's, Star Tribune reports.

After last years chair-throwing teenage tussle in the food court that happened days after Christmas, the mall is taking steps to prevent any recurrence of such an event, Pioneer Press reports.

"We realized after last year that we had a large number of youths who were coming," she said. "Just for everyone's safety, it makes sense to us to put the policy in place," Star Tribune reports.

"Unaccompanied teens must provide proof of their age with government-issued identification; school IDs will not cut it," Star Tribune reports.

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