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I enjoy the obituaries that take a creative approach to describing the person's life. This obituary makes an ordinary woman in the community, Phyllis Thornley, seem fascinating and accomplished.
The article can be found here.
The writer uses close family members, colleagues, and friends as sources to the obituary. He uses these three sources (a son, a niece, and friend/college) to develop more on her character and her passions.
This obituary lead is standard by describing an important aspect in her life that stands out, her love for books. It does take awhile to tell when she died, waiting three paragraphs to do this. Rather, he reiterates for three paragraphs how much books were her passion.
She was involved in the Minneapolis community so her news worthiness may be important. Although, the article focuses on her commitment to family and her traveling endeavors, rather than her community contributions.
It differs from a resume by being more expressive about a person's life. An obituary takes on a different perspective. It has people whom they were close to describing who they were, and in a resume it's usually that person describing who they are. It's a lot more like a story about their accomplishments, not just a list of accomplishments.

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Pretty good work on this, Amanda! BTW, "newsworthiness" is one word. :~)

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