Red Bull Crashed Ice returns, with higher and longer course

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The Red Bull Crashed Ice race in St. Paul will return this January, featuring a longer and higher ice track than last winter's course, news sources report.

The event is expected to draw tens of thousand of spectators and athletes from around the world to downtown on Jan. 24-26. The track will start near the Cathedral of St. Paul, crossing Dayton and Summit Avenues and winds its way down the hill, Star Tribune reported.

Last year, the event drew in a large amount of spending from the spectators. City officials estimated the event drew in 100,000 people, with athletes and visitors spending $20 million in St. Paul over the course of the weekend, Pioneer Press reported.

The start of the course will be higher and run for more than 1,300 feet. Team USA Coach Charlie Wasley said this allows for skaters to have a bit more room to recover from the course's many obstacles, Star Tribune reported.

The return of the 1201 Crashed event was supported by Mayor Coleman. At a news conference Wednesday, Nov. 14, on the Xcel Energy Center's center ice, Mayor Chris Coleman said the event "was too good not to do again," Pioneer press reported.

Red Bull started sponsoring the sport in 2001 and held races in Duluth in 2003 and 2004, news sources report. "The St. Paul race in the only Red Bull Crashed Ice event in the United States; others will be held in Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands, with the finals in Quebec," Star Tribune reports.

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