Senators urge FDA to regulate energy drinks after thirteen deaths reported

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Two U.S. senators are insisting the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrict caffeine levels in certain energy drinks after thirteen deaths were linked to energy drink consumption, news sources report.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal urge the FDA to classify energy drinks under the same category as soft drinks. "The FDA limits caffeine levels in soft drinks to about 70 milligrams per 12-ounce soda," FOX News reports.

"There's increasing evidence of the very urgent and dangerous threat posed by these drinks because of their high levels of caffeine, which are often undisclosed, and the effects of combining that caffeine with other ingredients," Blumenthal said, FOX News reports.

While anyone can report a relationship to the deaths and the amount of energy drinks consumed, no cause-and-effect relationship has been proven. As required by law, the FDA is investigating the connection, CNN reports.

"If we find a relationship between consumption of the product and harm, FDA will take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate the risk," the FDA said. "While the FDA investigates all reports to the best of its ability, it does not always have access to all the information needed to conclusively determine the cause of the event," CNN reports.

The drinks include NOS, Full Throttle, Red Bull, Amp and 5-hour Energy drink. The senators aren't the only one calling attention to these drinks. A New York attorney general and the city attorney of San Francisco are asking the drink companies to provide more information when they're marketing their products to the public, FOX News reports.

There have also been a total of 92 patient reports connected to energy drinks consumption, including 33 hospitalizations reported as "5-Hour ENERGY adverse events", according to the FDA. (FOX News)

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