Analysis: Citizen forum held by the Environmental Quality Board

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In Minnesota Public Radio's article "Enviro officials hear from SE Minn. Residents," the writer chose to focus on the personal, community aspect of the citizen forum held by the Environmental Quality Board.

The writer tried to make it very personable by using an informal source in her article. The majority of the short article reflected on one crowd member's question and response. I believe the writer chose to focus on a crowd member's question because it was a public meeting, focused on the community's concerns.

The writer tried to describe the event by having the one personal question in the article. This makes it easy to understand what the event was about, and to show the readers what type of questions were asked at this meeting. The end of the article shows a list of similar upcoming meetings, and those who read the article are more aware of what is typically asked.

Lastly, she included what the objective of the forum was: "the comments would be the focus of a one-day summit in March." I personally would have put this earlier in the article or mentioned it. Again, her choice was to focus on people at the meeting and not the objective or goal of the meeting.

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