Analysis: Elephants are dying out in America's zoos

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In the Seattle Times article, "Elephants are dying out in America's zoos," the writer has done an in-depth investigation on Zoos' efforts to preserve and propagate elephants, both in Seattle and nationally.
The article gives the reader clear and comprehensive data on elephants that live in zoos'. This data includes population, infant-mortality rate, and also the expenses surrounding an elephant's life.
The reporter needed to know basic calculations of dividing and averaging in his article to tell the story of the endangerment of zoo elephants.
This story used two different interactive graphics to enhance the story. First, there was a web graph that showed the family tree of zoo elephants in chronological order. This helped the readers visualize the connectedness of all the elephants, and also the increase of scarcity in the number of elephants.
The next graph looks at the amount of births and deaths in zoo elephants, showing the reader that there is a significant difference in the amount of deaths over births in the last twenty years.
Article found here.

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