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January 30, 2006

First Things First

I felt this manifesto was and still is a very important one. I believe that many designers feel that the only way to be a good designer is to work for a big company and make tons of money. Although many of the designers for huge companies are very successful, I don’t believe that’s necessarily the only thing that makes a good designer. We have to get back to design and art, which can benefit society.

Designs from these big companies are becoming more about making that extra dollar and they are loosing ideas and creativity more and more. I’m not saying these designers are less creative than designers who aren’t making as much money or working for a cultural or environmental cause. I just think that we need to re-evaluate the importance of our beliefs vs. big business. I believe we can find a happy medium between the two, it just seems that the advertising business is overshadowing more idea/cultural-based design. To sum this up, I agree with the Manifesto.