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Green Man Festival

I was working with the Green Man Festival group for my client work project. The project was a promotional campaign for the Green Man Festival. For my project specifically, I wanted to focus most on the poster, because that is what is going to get the people to notice the show and come to it.

I wanted to use a more psychadelic style for my poster because of the target audience I was aiming for. I used a more organic lookin typeface for my poster because I was more worried about the aesthetic look from afar than the readablitiy from afar. If the poster is interesting it will draw people in to read more. The poster is also big enough that it is fairly readable. I also designed a bumper sticker and frisbee. For both of these, I wated to design them very simply and with only one or two colors for cost reasons. I kept the organic floral idea through both, and also kept the same typeface for consistance. the frisbee can simply be printed with one color on a white frisbee. I figure both will either be sold at the show (not before) or given away as free promotion. Both should be cheap enough to make in bulk.



I dig your design for the greenman festival. It's awesome to see people get just horrid stock imagery and use it to produce actually good design. The purple and green palatte was a nice choice, and it really should have been selected for the poster. What's really cool about your piece is how the texture feels, it feels commercial and smooth. These subtle details separate you from the competition. Pat that back, man!