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Reflections of a Final Project

This project is a 12" tall by 12' long project which documents the area of the Lake Ave. and Superior St. crossing. I worked with two other people (Dayna Hannenburg and Courtney Ziemann). We wanted to create a project that really expressed the feelings and texture about this part of the city...

1. Describe your brain storming & ideation: We wanted to pick a place that is familiar to us, and a place we are around a lot. We wanted to work with more absracted ideas and images. We all just got together and started thinking about the different feelings and moods, that this area provoked in each of us and went from there.

2. Describe how you worked as a team and divided the tasks: We all worked together very much for the most part. When it came down the the main three catagories however, I worked with the photography and collaging, Dayna did all the illustration in the piece, and Courtney worked with the typography.

3. Describe problems that came up as you worked with the physical qualities of materials and size: We wanted to package it in a record case, but because of the railroad board, the project got to be too thick. To keep the images safe, we put the accordian together so that the top and bottom images would be facing in, and thus keeping them safe.

4. Reflect on nhow the diverse design elements work together and create unity in the final piece: We wanted the project to depend very much on the texture. The photos really capture different textures from our area. We used a scratch/graffiti style font to go along with the images. The illustration is physically scratched into the photos. We also used the black boxes to help move the eye throughout the piece.

5. In what ways does your design generate visual or conceptual surprise? The colors are very vivid and pop out at you. Also, the fact that you can see actual scratching in the photos when you get up close to it adds a nice tactile aspect to the whole piece.

6. How does your work represent impeccable craftsmanship? We decided to adhere the images to railroad board. This gives the images a very crisp and solid feeling. We also used acid-free tape for the binding of the whole piece to protect the images and make them archival. The whole thing folds up very nicely into a piece that is only approximately 1/2 inch tall.