November 25, 2014 Volume 44, Number 47

12/1 - MPC Seminar
12/1 - Berdahl Lecture
12/2 - Sociology Workshop
12/4 - Diversity Panel
12/5 - Inequality & Methods Workshop
12/8 - Faculty Meeting
12/11 - Holiday Party
12/11 - CLA Senior Celebration
12/12 - Race Reading Group

MPC Seminar

Prof. Philippa Clark (Public Health, Michigan) presents "Population Disability in an Environmental Context," Mon. Dec. 1, 12:15 pm, 50 Willey Hall. Co-sponsored by the Life Course Center.

Daphne Berdahl Memorial Lecture

Prof. Seth Holmes presents the Daphne Berdahl Memorial lecture, "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the U.S.," Mon. Dec. 1, 4:00 pm, Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey School. Reception follows. For information, contact: Prof. Ann Meier. The Sociology Department is a cosponsor.

Sociology Workshop

Researchers on the American Mosaic Project present "Boundaries in the American Mosaic: Preliminary Results from a 10-Year Follow-up," Tues. Dec. 2, 4:00 pm, 1114 Soc Sci.

Sociology Diversity Committee - Ferguson Discussion

Panel Discussion, "After Ferguson: Police Brutality and Citizen Activism," Thurs. Dec. 4, 11:30 am-1:00 pm, 1114-1183 Soc Sci. Panelists: Profs. Rose Brewer (Afro-American & African Studies) and Michelle Phelps (Sociology); and Michelle Gross (Founder, Communities United Against Police Brutality). For more details, contact: Prof. Michelle Phelps.

Inequality & Methods Workshop

Prof. Rob Warren presents "Education and Mortality: Evidence from a 34-Year Follow-up of the High School and Beyond Sophomore Cohort," Fri. Dec. 5, 12:15 pm, MPC Seminar Room, 50 Willey Hall. Cosponsored by the Life Course Center.

Faculty Meeting

The next Faculty Meeting will be held on Mon. Dec. 8, 2:30 pm, 1114 Soc Sci.

CLA Senior Celebration

The CLA Senior Celebration, Thurs. Dec. 11, 5:00-6:30 pm, McNamara Alumni Center, will recognize the achievements of the 2014 summer and fall graduates. RSVP online.
Deadline: Mon. Dec. 1

Sociology Race Reading Group

Book discussion on "Race and the Education of Desire," by Ann Stoler (Duke University Press, 1995), Fri. Dec. 12, 2:30 pm, 614 Soc Sci. For questions, contact: Lisa Gulya.

In the News

Sociology Honors undergraduate student Camille Galles wrote an article for the MN Daily, "Cutting Social Science Funds is Misguided."