Book - Prof. Joachim Savelsberg

Prof. Savelsberg and Prof. Ryan King (PhD 2011, UMN; SUNY- Albany) announce the publication of their book, "American Memories: Atrocities and the Law,"by the Russell Sage Foundation. Congratulations, Profs. Savelsberg and King, and graduate student contributors!

The book investigates how legal proceedings color collective memories of atrocities. It focuses on American responses to grave human rights violations, characterized by the promotion of criminal justice proceedings against high ranking officials in other countries. Simultaneously the United States seeks to protect its own citizens from prosecution by international and foreign courts while sanctioning only few front line agents in domestic courts. It protects high-level military and political leaders as well as the organization of the military. As a consequence, some of the benefits of criminal justice intervention, mediated by the cultivation of collective memory of evil, are not achieved. American memories skillfully exempt American institutions from scrutiny, instead glorifying the nation and its military, increasing the risk of future military engagement and crimes committed in the context of war. Several students contributed to several\ chapters: former undergraduate UMN student Rajiv Evan Rajan, together with University of Albany's Lacy Mitchell on My Lai, Vietnam; former graduate student Jeremy Minyard on Haditha, Iraq; graduate student Yu-Ju Chien, together with with former undergraduate student Courtney Faue on the Yugoslav Wars. These students are listed as chapter co-authors.