Teaching Resource Center - New Additions

Graduate students Lying Liao and Wenjie Liao categorized more than one hundred video clips on the University Digital Content Library website according to their relevance to a variety of sociological topics.

The DCL contains rich teaching and learning resources that are safe, stable, and easily accessible to all students and faculty members. However, it is currently underexplored in the teaching of sociology. Therefore, it is hoped this project can start a snow-balling process of uncovering the valuable resources on the DCL website. The project produced an excel file with the title/brief description and DCL ID number of each video clip, organized by the theme of the clips. Instructors or TAs interested in teaching with videos could look in this file for topics of interest and then search relevant video clips at the DCL website using their unique and permanent DCL ID numbers. Links to the video clips are not provided due to the understanding that they might change as the library updates its website. These clips are listed on the new Sociology Resources website under the themes that Lying and Wenjie have identified.