Life Course Center - Spring 2012 Guest Speakers

Profs. Eric Grodksy and Phyllis Moen, Co-Directors, Life Course Center, Sociology Department, thank all those who participated in Life Course Center-sponsored Fall 2011 events. They are delighted to announce Life Course Center-sponsored guest speakers for Spring 2012:
1. Prof. Robert Crosnoe (TX-Austin), Sociology Workshop, Wed. March 28, 4:00 pm, 1114 Soc Sci
2. Prof. Mary Blair-Loy (UCSD), MPC Workshop, Mon. April 4, 12:15
pm, 50 Willey Hall
3. Prof. Kathie Mullan Harris (UNC). MPC Workshop, Mon. April 9,
12:15 pm, 50 Willey Hall
4. Prof. Paula Fomby (CO-Denver). Inequality and Methods Workshop, Fri. April 13, 12:15 pm, 24 Willey Hall
The Life Course Center will also jointly co-sponsor four other Inequality and Methods Workshops.
The Center welcomes all faculty and graduate students to these exciting events! Mark your calendars!
* To add the Life Course Center calendar to your Google calendar, paste the following URL in the "Add a Coworker's Calendar" box under "Other Calendars" on the left side of your Google calendar screen:
* To add the Inequality and Methods workshop calendar, paste the
following URL: