TransSoc Seminar - Meg Krausch

The next TransSoc Seminar meeting will be held on Thurs. March 14, 4:00-5:30 pm, 1114 Soc Sci Bldg. (NOTE: Different day, on Thursday). Graduate student Meg Krausch presents " 'We're Not Interested in Being Observed:' Transnational Research and Feminist Ethnographies."
Abstract: Paper uses fieldwork methods to examine the experience of a utopian social movement--a secondary school for adults in Buenos Aires--opened in the wake of Argentina's 2001 crisis. The school is run collectively, without hierarchy and with consensus-based decision making, yet it has functioned successfully for several years. Paper discusses how lofty political ideals are put into practice and how utopian practices make the school not only exceptionally attentive to the needs of the particular population it serves, but that it is also an example of transformative social change. The paper reflects on the (sometimes fraught) process of conducting cross-cultural research from an intersectional feminist perspective. As an activist scholar, only by allowing herself to be excluded, Krausch was able to achieve full participation in her field site.