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Inequality & Methods Workshop

Profs. Joe Ritter (Applied Economics) and Kristine West (Economics, St. Catherine) present "Earnings Inequality among the Highly Educated," Sept. 26, 1:15 pm, 50 Willey Hall, MPC conference room.

MPC Seminar

Prof. Matthew Kim (Economics, St. Thomas) presents "Food Security and Teenage Labor Supply," Sept. 29, 12:15-1:15 pm, 50 Willey Hall.

Faculty Meeting

The Faculty Meeting will be held on Mon. Sept. 29, 2:30 pm, 1114 Soc Sci.

Sociology Workshop

1. Rahsaan Mahadeo, graduate student, presents "Whiteness as a Visa," Sept. 30, 4:00 pm, 1114 Soc Sci.
2. Leta Hong Fincher, Tsinghua University, China, presents " 'Leftover' Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China," Thurs. Oct. 9, 4:00 pm, 1114 Soc Sci. Co-sponsored by The Life Course Center.

Sociology Race Reading Group

Book to be discussed on Fri. Oct. 3, 2:30-4:30 pm, 614 Soc Sci Bldg: Imperial Citizens: Koreans and Race from Seoul to LA by Nadia Kim (Stanford U Press, 2008). Faculty and students are welcome to join the discussion. Contact: Lisa Gulya.

In the News - Profs. Hartmann and Page

Profs. Doug Hartmann and Josh Page were featured yesterday in a MN Daily article about diversity within the Minneapolis police force.

In the News - Profs. Page and Uggen, Robert Stewart

Profs. Josh Page, Christopher Uggen, and graduate student Rob Stewart were featured in a MN Daily article about voting rights for ex-felons.

Successful Defense - Alain Vandormael

Alain Vandormael successfully defended his dissertation, "The Preventive and Survival Benefits of Antiretroviral Use in a Rural South African Community," today Sept. 19. His advisor is Prof. Ann Meier. Congratulations, Dr. Vandormael!

MPC Seminar

Prof. John Logan (Sociology, Brown) presented "Creating the Black Ghetto: Black Residential Patterns Before and During the Great Migration," Sept. 22, 12:15 pm, 50 Willey Hall.

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