Recently in Events - Campus Category

Mondale Law School - Faculty Works in Progress TODAY

Prof. Eugene Volokh (UCLA) presents "Bad Intentions," TODAY April 17, 12:15-1:15 pm, 385 Mondale Hall (Lindquist and Vennum Room). Open to the public. RSVP to: Delanie Skahen, (612)624-6892.

MPLS Theory Workshop

The Moral, Political, Legal, and Social Theory Workshop presents Prof. Matt Matravers, (Politics, University of York, UK), "On Blame and Responsibility in the Criminal Law," Fri. April 18, 12:15 pm, Lindquist & Vennum Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Mondale Law School.

Geography Coffee Hour

Prof. Sharad Chari (Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, U of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, RSA) presents "Apartheid Remains: Ruins of Segregation, Remnants of Struggle," Fri. April 18, 3:30 pm, 445 Blegen.

CLA Quantitative Methods Collaboration

Prof. Jeff Gill (Political Science, Biostatistics and Public Health, Washington University-St. Louis) presents "Using Statistical Modeling to Fight Terrorism," Mon. April 21, 3:30-5:30 pm, 401 Walter Library, East Bank. For questions, contact: Prof. Zack Almquist.

Consortium for the Study of the Asias

Prof. Vinay Gidwani (Geography & Global Studies) presents "The Waste-Value Dialectic: Lumpen Urbanization in Contemporary India," Wed. April 23, 3:30-5:00 pm, 710 Soc Sci Bldg.

Scandinavian Department - Immigration

Prof. Grete Brochmann (Sociology & Human Geography, University of Oslo, Norway) presents "The Scandinavian Case: Governing Immigration In Advanced Welfare States," Thurs. April 24, 12:30 pm, 113 Folwell Hall.

Center for Writing

The Teaching with Writing Series presents "Organizing Writing: Content Mapping and Beyond," Thurs. April 24, 12:00 pm, 140 Nolte Center.

Gender, Women & Sexuality

Geology Profs. Kate Driscoll Derickson, Lorena Munoz, Marion Werner (SUNY-Buffalo), and Sophie Oldfield (Cape Town University) present "Feminisms, Geography and Political Economy: A Conversation," Fri. April 25, 1:00 pm, 400 Ford Hall.

Mondale Law School - Lecture Series

Prof. Kristin Hickman presents "Administering the Tax System We Have," Tues. April 29, 4:00 pm, Lockhart Hall, 25 Mondale Hall. RSVP for event.

HCRC Brown Bag

The Human Capital Research Collaborative presents Prof. Kendall King (Curriculum & Instruction, UMN), "Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition," Tues. April 15, 12:00 pm, The Commons, 205 Humphrey School.