Summer 2008 Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) Fellows

Xinxiang Chen (with David Knoke): "Sectoral Differences in Health
Benefits and Performance-Based Incentives: A Comparative Empirical Study."

J. Taylor Danielson (with Joseph Gerteis): "One Nation, Under God?
Understanding the Intersection of Race and Religion in Defining American
National Identity."

Shannon Golden (with Elizabeth Boyle): "Organizational Support Networks and African Immigrant Acculturation."

Kristin Haltinner (with Ronald Aminzade): "Membership in High-Risk
Social Movements: an Examination of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps."

Andrew Johnson (with Teresa Gowan ): "The Street Children of Sao Paulo: Who They Are and Why They Are on the Streets."

Liying Luo (with Joachim Savelsberg): "The Name Game: Collective Memory and Street Names."

Dalhia Mani (with David Knoke): "Global Network Structure and
Positionality: A Study of the U.S. Shareholding Network."

Darin Mather (with Penny Edgell): "Educating Girls in Guatemala: A
Comparison of Evangelical and Secular Approaches."

Heather McLaughlin (with Douglas Hartmann): "A Title IX Success Story? The Growth of Girls ' and Women's Ice Hockey in Minnesota."

Andria Strano (with Kathleen Hull): "The Construction and Contestation
of "Family" in LGBT Communities."


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