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Professor Yanjie Bian Arrives - Fall 2006

Yanjie Bian received his Ph.D. in Sociology from SUNY Albany (1990). He joined the Sociology Department at the University of Minnesota in 1991 and attained tenure and associate status in 1997. In 2001 Prof. Bian left the U. of M. to work for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, establishing the first Chinese version of the General Social Survey. Prof. Bian has received multiple honors, a number of large grants, and published a series of distinguished research articles and books (one monograph) on Chinese society in English and in Chinese. His specialty is social stratification in China, approached through the analysis of social networks, social capital and social exchange. The department warmly welcomes his return.

Professor Joel Samaha Joins Sociology Faculty

Joel Samaha received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1972. He began his academic career after completing a law degree, briefly practicing law and writing headnotes for the National Labor Relations Board. He taught U.S. and World History in the Chicago Public Schools, and Tudor History at UCLA before coming to the “U� in 1971 with a joint appointment in the Departments of Criminal Justice Studies and History. He served as Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice Studies (before it was merged with Sociology), became a member of the History Department faculty, and has for 35 years taught courses in criminal justice, criminal law, and criminal procedure in the Department of Sociology. Prof. Samaha has published numerous scholarly works on the history of criminal justice, including a monograph, "Law and Order in Historical Perspective: The Case of Elizabethan Essex"; and articles in the Historical Journal, American Journal of Legal History, Minnesota Law Review, William Mitchell Law Review, and Journal of Social History. He has also written three widely used textbooks, Criminal Law (8th edition 2005); Criminal Procedure (6th edition 2005); and Criminal Justice (7th edition 2006). After years of providing exceptional instruction in sociology classes, the Department of Sociology is pleased that he has now made Sociology his home.

Professor Joshua Page arriving in spring 2007

Joshua Page will receive his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 2006 and join our faculty in the Spring of 2007 after completing research on prison officer unions in New York. His dissertation, "The Toughest Beat: Prison Officer Unionization, Crime Victims, and the Politics of Punishment in California," supervised by Loic Wacquant, examines the factors that contributed to the remarkable success of the prison officers' unionization in California over the last three decades. Most recently, he examined the political rhetoric around federal legislation that denied Pell Grants to incarcerated individuals. This paper was published in Punishment and Society. Other research involves a life history analysis of the life and writing of Edward Bunker and a cross-national comparative study of victim's rights groups.

ASR Article by Professors Edgell, Gerteis and Hartmann

In the American Sociological Review, see the latest published research from the American Mosaic Project, funded by the Edelstein Family Foundation: "Atheists As 'Other': Moral Boundaries and Cultural Membership" in American Society by Professors Penny Edgell, Joseph Gerteis, and Douglas Hartmann - Volume 71, Number 2 * April 2006.

Professor Kathy Hull received funding from the Schochet GLBT Research Award program. This award, made possible by an endowment provided by Stephen J. Schochet with additional funding provided by the College of Liberal Arts and the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs, encourages and supports research related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues, particularly in a North American context.

Kristin Carbone-Lopez Accepts Position at U of Miami

Kristin Carbone-Lopez successfully defended her dissertation, "In, Out, and In Again? A Life Course Understanding of Women's Violent Relationships" on Wed., June 21. Her advisors are Candace Kruttschnitt and Ross Macmillan. Kristin will begin her position as Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, Florida, Department of Sociology in fall 2006.

Professor Kruttschnitt ASA Section Chair Elect

Prof. Candace Kruttschnitt has been elected the Chair-Elect of the American Sociological Association's Crime, Law and Deviance Section. She was also elected to be a member of the Sociological Research Association.

Professor Boyle ASA Section Chair Elect

Prof. Elizabeth Boyle has been elected Chair of the American Sociological Association's Sociology of Law section. She will serve as Chair-Elect for 2006-2007 and then as Chair from 2007-08.


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Kulick and Biaocchi Awarded FLAS Fellowships

Both Rachael Kulick and Arturo Biaocchi have been awarded Institute of Global Studies' (IGS) Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for the 2006-2007 academic year. The purpose of IGC's FLAS fellowship is to promote the study of modern foreign languages supporting West European Studies. Kulick was awarded the fellowship based upon her efforts to master Dutch. Biaocchi was awarded the fellowship to pursue the acquisition of Portuguese.


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