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DGS Welcome Event

All graduate students currently enrolled in the department are welcome to join the DGS, Penny Edgell, for a welcome event on September 21st at 5:15 - 7:00 p.m. in room 1114 of the Social Sciences Building. This will be an informal time to reconnect with one another after the summer break. Free food (pizza) and drink will be served.

Darren Wheelock Successfully Defends Dissertation

Darren Wheelock succesfully defended his disseration, "Jury of One's 'Peers:' Felon Jury Exclusion, Racial Threat, and Racial Inequality in United States Criminal Courts," on Friday, September 18. His advisors are Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen. Darren will begin his appointment as Assistant Professor at Marquette University this fall. Congratulations, Darren!

Incoming Students Successful in Fellowship Bids

Incoming first-year students, Jeremy Minyard, Ryan Alaniz, and Daniel Winchester recently competed successfully for three prestigious U. of M. fellowships. Minyard was awarded a Graduate School Fellowship, Alaniz was awarded a Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship, and Winchester was awarded the Edelstein Family Foundation AMP Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations to these promising scholars!

Archived Sponsored Research

Jeffrey Broadbent, P.I.: Social Science Research Council - Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, Abe Fellowship, "Reciprocity & Negotiation on Diffuse Risks - Climate Change Policy Networks in Japan, the United States, Germany and Austria", $90,375 12/31/2006-12/31/2007.

Penny Edgell (with Chris Ellison, University of Texas Austin, and Brad Wilcox, University of Virginia, co-principal investigators): Lilly Foundation, "National Survey of Religion and Family Life", $697,222 12/01/2003-06/30/2007.

Ann Hironaka, P.I.: United States Institute for Peace, "Long Term Outcomes of Great Power Civil War Interventions", $39,660 01/01/2006-06/30/2007.

Kathy Hull, P.I.: Law School Admission Council "Gender and the Legal Profession: The Michigan Alumni Data Set 1967-2000", $20,000 05/30/2005-12/31/2006.

David Knoke, P.I. (with Xinxiang Chen, Ph.D. candidate): NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grant - "State Intervention, Interfirm Relations & Firm Performance", $7,500 06/01/2006-05/31/2007.

Ann Meier, P.I.: National Institute for Child Health and Human Development - Population Sciences Division, Mentored Research Development Award, "Social Development into Adulthood", $584,227 05/01/2005-04/30/2010.

Phyllis Moen, P.I.: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, "Research On Careers",$434,539 04/01/2003-12/31/2006.

Phyllis Moen, P.I.; Erin Kelly Co-Investigator: NSF "Flexible Work and Well-Being. $1,479,857 07/01/2005-06/30/2009.

Jeylan Mortimer, P.I.; Scott Eliason, Doug Hartmann, Erin Kelly, Ross Macmillan, Christopher Uggen, Co-Investigators: National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, "Work Experience and Mental Health: Panel Study of Youth," ongoing longitudinal study begun in 1988, now funded at $225,000 per year through 05/31/2007 (continuation pending through 2012).

Jeylan Mortimer, P.I. and Program Director; Scott Eliason, Candace Kruttschnitt, Ross Macmillan, Chris Uggen, Core Faculty in Sociology (with faculty affiliates from the Institute of Child Development and the School of Public Health): National Institute of Mental Health - Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Institutional Training Grant, "Mental Health and Adjustment in the Life Course." 07/01/1996-06/30/2007 (renewal pending through 2012).

Evan Schofer, P.I.: Spencer Foundation, "The Effects of Educational Expansion on Societal Inequality: Sociological Theories and Cross-National Evidence, 1970-2000", $39,700 01/01-12/31/2006.

Robin Stryker, P.I: National Science Foundation, "Social Science in Government Regulation of Equal Employment Opportunity", $169,745 08/21/2005-08/31/2007.

Robin Stryker, P.I. (with Pamela Wald, Ph.D. candidate) National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, "Bringing Welfare State Theory to the State: How Ideas, Actors and State Structures Affect Welfare Reform Trajectories in Minnesota and Wisconsin" $7,500 08/15/2005-07/31/2006.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: US Dept of Education, "High School Exit Examinations and NAEP", $80,264 09/15/2004-08/31/2006.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: National Science Foundation, "High School Exit Examinations & Labor Market Outcomes among Young Adults", $152,528 09/01/2005-08/31/2007.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: National Institutes of Health - National Institute on Aging, "Wisconsin Longitudinal Study: Work, Health and Well-Being", $284,164 2003-2006.

2005 - Present

Bian, Yanjie. “Lessons from the Practice of Household Surveys.� 2006. Management and Organization Review, 2(2): 1-12.

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Boyle, Elizabeth. "Institutional Vulnerability and Opportunity: Immigration and America's 'War on Terror,’" with Erika Busse. Forthcoming. Law & Social Inquiry.

Boyle, Elizabeth. “International Master Frames and African Women's Explanations for Opposing Female Genital Cutting," with Kristin Carbone-Lopez. Forthcoming. International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Edgell, Penny; Gerteis, Joseph and Douglas Hartmann. “Atheists as ‘Other’: Moral Boundaries and Cultural Membership in American Society,� 2006. American Sociological Review, 72(2): 211-234.

Edgell, Penny. "Religious Influences on Understandings of Racial Inequality in the United States," with Eric Tranby. Forthcoming. Social Problems.

Edgell, Penny. "Religion and Work-Family Tradeoffs," with Samantha Ammons. Forthcoming. Journal of Family Issues.

Gerteis, Joseph and Douglas Hartmann. “Dealing with Diversity: Mapping Multiculturalism in Sociological Terms,� 2005. Sociological Theory, 23(2): 218-240.

Gerteis, Joseph. “Nationalism in America? The Case of the Populist Movement,� with Alyssa Goolsby. 2005. Theory & Society, 34(2): 197-225.

Goldman, Michael. “How ‘Water for All!’ Became Hegemonic: The Power of the World Bank and its Transnational Policy Networks.� In press. Geoforum special issue on global water policy.

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Kelly, Erin. “How to Stop Harassment: Professional Construction of Legal Compliance in Organizations,� with Frank Dobbin. Forthcoming, 2007. American Journal of Sociology.

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Kruttschnitt. Candace and Ross Macmillan. “Patterns of Intimate Partner Violence and Their Association with Physical Health, Psychological Distress and Substance Use Over the Life Span,� with Kristin Carbone-Lopez. Forthcoming. Public Health Reports: Special Issue on Intimate Partner Violence, 121(4).

Kruttschnitt, Candace. “Revictimization of the Victims? Interviewing Women Victims of Interpersonal Violence,� with Heather Hlavka and Kristin Carbone-Lopez. Forthcoming. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 22(9).

Kruttschnitt, Candace. “A contextual Analysis of Women Prisoners’ Mental Health,� with Mike Vuolo. Forthcoming. Punishment and Society.

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Moen, Phyllis. "When Workers Care: Dual-Earner Couples' Caregiving Strategies, Benefit Use, and Psychological Well-Being," with Noelle Chesley. 2006. American Behavioral Scientist, 49(9): 1248-1269.

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Departmental Workshop

Mark your calendars now for the departmental workshop, Tuesdays 4:00-5:15 p.m., SS 1114. Remember, attendance is required for 1st and 2nd year students, and strongly encouraged for all.

DGS Office Hours

Prof. Edgell’s Fall semester office hours are Tuesdays, 1-4 p.m. or by appointment. Prof. Edgell will not be scheduling office hours on Thursdays or Fridays – plan ahead.

If you are in town, please help out with hosting and welcoming our incoming cohort. Let Robert know your availability and watch for announcements as the date draws near.


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