Archived Sponsored Research

Jeffrey Broadbent, P.I.: Social Science Research Council - Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, Abe Fellowship, "Reciprocity & Negotiation on Diffuse Risks - Climate Change Policy Networks in Japan, the United States, Germany and Austria", $90,375 12/31/2006-12/31/2007.

Penny Edgell (with Chris Ellison, University of Texas Austin, and Brad Wilcox, University of Virginia, co-principal investigators): Lilly Foundation, "National Survey of Religion and Family Life", $697,222 12/01/2003-06/30/2007.

Ann Hironaka, P.I.: United States Institute for Peace, "Long Term Outcomes of Great Power Civil War Interventions", $39,660 01/01/2006-06/30/2007.

Kathy Hull, P.I.: Law School Admission Council "Gender and the Legal Profession: The Michigan Alumni Data Set 1967-2000", $20,000 05/30/2005-12/31/2006.

David Knoke, P.I. (with Xinxiang Chen, Ph.D. candidate): NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grant - "State Intervention, Interfirm Relations & Firm Performance", $7,500 06/01/2006-05/31/2007.

Ann Meier, P.I.: National Institute for Child Health and Human Development - Population Sciences Division, Mentored Research Development Award, "Social Development into Adulthood", $584,227 05/01/2005-04/30/2010.

Phyllis Moen, P.I.: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, "Research On Careers",$434,539 04/01/2003-12/31/2006.

Phyllis Moen, P.I.; Erin Kelly Co-Investigator: NSF "Flexible Work and Well-Being. $1,479,857 07/01/2005-06/30/2009.

Jeylan Mortimer, P.I.; Scott Eliason, Doug Hartmann, Erin Kelly, Ross Macmillan, Christopher Uggen, Co-Investigators: National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, "Work Experience and Mental Health: Panel Study of Youth," ongoing longitudinal study begun in 1988, now funded at $225,000 per year through 05/31/2007 (continuation pending through 2012).

Jeylan Mortimer, P.I. and Program Director; Scott Eliason, Candace Kruttschnitt, Ross Macmillan, Chris Uggen, Core Faculty in Sociology (with faculty affiliates from the Institute of Child Development and the School of Public Health): National Institute of Mental Health - Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Institutional Training Grant, "Mental Health and Adjustment in the Life Course." 07/01/1996-06/30/2007 (renewal pending through 2012).

Evan Schofer, P.I.: Spencer Foundation, "The Effects of Educational Expansion on Societal Inequality: Sociological Theories and Cross-National Evidence, 1970-2000", $39,700 01/01-12/31/2006.

Robin Stryker, P.I: National Science Foundation, "Social Science in Government Regulation of Equal Employment Opportunity", $169,745 08/21/2005-08/31/2007.

Robin Stryker, P.I. (with Pamela Wald, Ph.D. candidate) National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, "Bringing Welfare State Theory to the State: How Ideas, Actors and State Structures Affect Welfare Reform Trajectories in Minnesota and Wisconsin" $7,500 08/15/2005-07/31/2006.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: US Dept of Education, "High School Exit Examinations and NAEP", $80,264 09/15/2004-08/31/2006.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: National Science Foundation, "High School Exit Examinations & Labor Market Outcomes among Young Adults", $152,528 09/01/2005-08/31/2007.

John Robert Warren, P.I.: National Institutes of Health - National Institute on Aging, "Wisconsin Longitudinal Study: Work, Health and Well-Being", $284,164 2003-2006.


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