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Five New PhDs!

Sociology is proud to announce the recent accomplishments of five advanced students. Sara Wakefield, Ana Periera, Fortunata Songora, Joyce Bell, and Brian Dill all successfully passed their final oral exams and were awarded their doctorates. The department is exceedingly proud of the achievements of these fine students.

Fantastic scholarship awarded

Mohamed Bakri, 2007 Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship This scholarship is for beginning graduate or professional study in any field, and covers tuition, room, board, fees, and books - up to $50,000 annually - for up to six years of graduate study. Congratulations! Mohamed is a 2006 summa cum laude graduate, and was the winner of CLA's Turner Award for Best Summa Thesis for 2006, as well as, a Soc Research Institute (SRI) award for best undergraduate paper.


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