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Logan and Swartz are recipients of President's Faculty Multicultural Research Award IDEA grants are designed to support innovative and transformative projects, programming, events, and research that support underrepresented and marginalized students, faculty, staff, and communities. Logan's project title is "On Dreams Deferred and American Dreams: African-American Perspectives on Immigration and Race in the Contemporary U.S." and Swartz's is "Growing Up But Not Apart: Intergenerational Relations and the Transition to Adulthood."

Faculty, Grad Students & Alumni Collaborate for Special Issue!

The Special Issue of New Directions for Child & Adolescent Development: Social Class and the Transitions to Adulthood (No. 119; Spring 2008) edited by Profs. Jeylan Mortimer and Frank Furstenberg includes work by Profs. Teresa Swartz, Ann Meier, Christopher Uggen, Erin Kelly, and Jeylan Mortimer; graduate students Gina Allen, Samantha Ammons, and Heather McLaughlin; and alumni Profs. Pamela Aronson (U MI-Dearborn), Jeremy Staff (Penn State), and Amy Blackstone (U Maine).

Winchester to be Published in Social Forces

Second-year graduate student Dan Winchester has written an article entitled "Embodying the Faith: Religious Practice and the Making of a Muslim Moral Habitus," which is being published by the journal Social Forces. Utilizing ethnographic fieldwork and in-depth interviews, the article due out in June 2008 examines how a group of adult Muslim converts produced new moral selves in and through the use of embodied religious practices. Congratulations, Dan!


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