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Prof Yanjie Bian - Sorokin Lecture

Professor Yanjie Bian will present the 41st Annual Sorokin Lecture at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada - "The Increasing Significance of Guanxi in Chinese Transitional Economy". Prof. Pitirim Sorokin taught at the University of Minnesota from 1924-30, and founded the Department of Sociology, Harvard University in 1930. This spring, Prof. Bian will also conduct research and give lectures in the United Kingdom at Cambridge and Oxford, as well as several other European Institutions. Congratulations, Prof. Bian, on the Sorokin Lecture!

Prof Warren featured in NY Times

Professor Rob Warren, who studies Educational Policy and the effects of high school exit examinations, is featured in The New York Times - "As School Exit Tests Prove Tough, States Ease Standards".


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