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Wick Headed South, but Not too Far

Sociology doctoral student Shawn Wick will soon be headed to Pella, Iowa to enter the professoriate at Central College. Shawn has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the department of sociology and anthropology and intends to step into the role this coming fall shortly after defending his dissertation. The school, a small, private liberal arts college, provides just the setting Shawn was seeking to be able to apply his best talents; it also happens to be close to his wife's family. Shawn's advisors are Ron Aminzade and Evan Schoffer. Congratulations, Shawn!

Vuolo Accepts Position at Purdue

Michael Vuolo (Ph.D. 2009), who has been working as a Senior Analyst with a local HMO, recently accepted a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Mike will begin his position in the fall of 2011. Michael's exceedingly proud advisor is Christopher Uggen. Congratulations, Mike!

Books Recently Released

Toughest Beat.jpgJosh Page takes our understanding of mass incarceration to a new level in, The Toughest Beat. In this first systematic study of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, he explains the origins and durability of California's correctional crisis.This book release was profiled in UMNews and more recently in the California Progress Report.

East Asian Social Movements cover.jpgJeff Broadbent and Vicky Brockman (alumna 1998), are editors of an international volume, East Asian Social Movements: Power, Protest, and Change in a Dynamic Region. This book provides an array of important case studies of social movements in East Asia.

Criminal Procedure.jpgJoel Samaha's new editions of his widely acclaimed textbooks, Criminal Procedure (8th) and Criminal Law (10th) continue to showcase his case study approach to teaching. They are a testament to the success of this award winning professor!

Moen, Kelly, & Hill Research in Social Problems

Professors Phyllis Moen & Erin Kelly (with graduate student Rachelle Hill) research, "Does Enhancing Work-Time Control and Flexibility Reduce Turnover? A Naturally Occurring Experiment," is featured in the February issue of Social Problems. This research investigates the turnover effects of an organizational innovation (ROWE--Results Only Work Environment) aimed at moving away from standard time practices to focus on results rather than time spent at work.


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