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Alaniz to Present at UN University

Soc. PhD student Ryan Alaniz was recently selected to be one of only twenty-five doctoral students from around the world to attend and present a paper at the United Nations University in Germany. The summer 2011 academy is sponsored by the UN Institute for Environment and Human Security and is themed "Climate Change and Fragile States: Rethinking Adaptation." Ryan will present his dissertation research on fragile states' capacity for post-disaster relief. Congratulations, Ryan!

Edgell and Hull Awarded NSF Grant

Professors Penny Edgell & Kathleen Hull received NSF funding to study how ordinary citizens respond to high-profile social controversies. Their grant, "The Role of Cognition in the Development of Social Fragmentation, Commonalities, and Consensus," funds national data collection using focus groups of ordinary citizens discussing vignettes on faith-based prison programs, parental refusal of medical treatment due to religious belief, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

Parental Support in Transition to Adulthood

Professors Teresa Swartz and Jeylan Mortimer & graduate students, Minzee Kim, Mayumi Uno and Kirsten O'Brien's research is featured in the April issue of Journal of Marriage and Family. In their article, Safety Nets and Scaffolds: Parental Support in the Transition to Adulthood, they examined the conditions that lead to parental giving and if this aid promotes the progress to adulthood. Featured in and USA

Broadbent Featured in Science Now

Jeff Broadbent's research on International Climate Change is featured in the online journal Science Now. He recently moderated and participated in a panel discussion with several of his COMPON collaborators at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Schaefer is Hamline Bound

Sociology graduate student Shelly Schaefer recently accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Criminal Justice Program at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. Her advisors are Professors Christopher Uggen and Candace Kruttschnitt (University of Toronto). Congratulations, Shelly!

Retchitsky Published in Political Perspectives

Advanced sociology doctoral student Raphi Rechitsky is currently conducting his dissertation fieldwork in the Ukraine, but that has apparently not stopped him from continuing to publish. Raphi's most recent effort is featured in the academic journal Political Perspectives (4 [2]: 86-104) in an article entitled, "Rethinking Social Exclusion and Belonging in Global Perspective: The Case of Transnational Migrants in Ukraine." Congratulations, Raphi!

Goldman Featured in India's National Newspaper

From the Hindu newspaper.jpgMichael Goldman was recently featured in The Hindu, India's national newspaper, regarding the impact of the information technology sector on Bangalore. He travels to India often studying how major projects in the city are financed, the government mandates surrounding them, and how various agencies are facilitating these projects.


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