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New Approach to Teaching Theory

longhofer and winchester bookcover.jpgIn Social Theory re-wired: New Connections to Classical and Contemporary Perspectives,Wesley Longhofer (Ph.D. 2011) and Daniel Winchester's (Ph.D, candidate) combine the structure of a print reader with the flexibility of an interactive website with a wide variety of innovative material including interactive annotations of key readings; summaries of key concepts; biographies of theorists and schools; writing activities with interactive capabilities; and an array of supplemental texts and videos.

Erickson Successfully Defends

Gina Erickson successfully defended her dissertation, "Homogamy in the New Marriage Regime," Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Her advisors are Professors Ann Meier and Ross Macmillan. Gina has been employed as an Administrator in the Center for Economic Studies, Minnesota Census Research Data Center, U.S. Census Bureau, since Jan. 2010. Congratulations, Dr. Erickson!

Flexible Work Shows Promising Results

Phyllis Moen and Erin Kelly provide insights on their recent papers on flexible work and well-being and how they are changing the business world in an interview with Business@the U of M.


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