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Higher Education in Prisons

Josh Page and undergraduate teaching assistant Robert Stewart recently spoke about higher education in prisons on Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit. Listen to the show.

Urban Revolutions

Michael Goldman is one of three Minnesota scholars who organized the international conference on Urban Revolutions in the Age of Global Urbanism to be held in Jakarta. Graduate student Sinan Erensu is one of only 12 young scholars presenting.

Attend Sociology's Premier Event!

SRI logo-2012.jpgThe 22nd Annual Sociology Research Institute (SRI) will be held Friday, April 20th. We are honored to have David Garland from NYU to provide the keynote address, America's Death Penalty: A Problem for Sociological Explanation.
Register to Attend
Preliminary program (pdf)

Jeylan Mortimer's ASA Cooley-Mead Award

Social Psychology Quarterly has now released Michael Shanahan's introductory remarks and an expanded version of Professor Mortimer's 2011 Cooley-Mead Award acceptance address. This award is the highest honor conferred by the ASA's Social Psychology section for long-term contributions to the field.


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