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Rise in Nondenominational Churches

Penny Edgell joined in a discussion on Minnesota Public Radio on why more Americans are attending nondenominational churches.

Boomer Moms and Work Life Balance

Phyllis Moen was featured in Crain's Chicago Business regarding boomer moms who find themselves in a new phase of life and work.

Michael Goldman Awarded Global Spotlight Grant

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance awarded Michael Goldman a Global Spotlight Grant (along with three colleagues in Geography) to study urbanism across Jakarta and Bangalore.

Talk to Me, Not to My Daughter

Phyllis Moen is featured in a New York Times article regarding the indignity suffered by the elderly when they are ignored in favor of their younger companions.

Aminzade Honored for Civic Engagement

Ron Aminzade is a recipient of the 2012 Presidents' Civic Engagement Steward Award by Minnesota Campus Compact. This award recognizes his outstanding contributions and commitment to collaborative action that produces positive change in the world. He was honored on June 5th.

Parents Spread Safety Net for Kids

Teresa Swartz found that many Baby Boomer parents are giving money so that their kids' transitions from adolescence to adulthood isn't more difficult than it has to be during this tough economy. She was featured in USA Today.

Yu-Ju Chien, "Constructing Scientific Knowledge and Policies on Avian Influenza: How do International Organizations Craft Global Models?" Advisor, Joachim Salvesberg

Jeannette Hussemann, "Negotiating Justice: Defendant Perspectives on Plea Bargaining and Court Processing." Advisor, Candace Kruttschnitt, U of Toronto and Joshua Page, University of Minnesota

Liying Luo, "Understanding Cohort Effects in the Study of Aging and Social Change: A New Age-Period-Cohort Model." Advisor, John Robert Warren

Heather McLaughlin, "Playing Like a Boy: Gender, High School Sports Participation and Early Career Success." Advisor, Chris Uggen

Sarah Whetstone, "Unequal Treatment: A Comparative Study of Social Location, Drug Addiction, and the Meaning of Recovery." Advisor, Teresa Gown

Discourses on Darfur

Joachim Savelsberg was one of three co-organizers of an international meeting on Discourses on Darfur: Law, Science, Media. International Criminal Court lawyers, scholars and activists, diplomats from the Clinton and Bush administrations and leading journalists were part of the invitation-only group. Hollie Nyseth Brehm was the sole graduate student to attend.


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