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Congratulations Dr. Winchester!

Daniel Winchester successfully defended his dissertation, "Assembling the Orthodox Soul: Practices of Religious Self-Formation among Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy," on July 19. His Advisor is Prof. Penny Edgell. In Fall 2013, Dr. Winchester will begin his career as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut. Congratulations, Dr. Winchester

Hartmann Named President Elect-Elect of MSS

Doug Hartmann was named the President Elect-Elect and the 2015 Program Chair of the Midwest Sociological Society.

High Profile Crime

Joshua Page discussed in his interview with KSTP prisoner safety and the hierarchy of crimes in the context of the sentencing of Aaron Schaffhausen, who murdered his three daughters.

Successful Defense - Sarah Shannon

Sarah Shannon successfully defended her dissertation, "Does the Right Hand Know What the Left Hand is Doing? General Assistance Welfare, Crime and Punishment," on July 9. Her advisor is Professor Chris Uggen. Dr. Shannon will begin her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Georgia-Athens, August 2013. Congratulations, Dr. Shannon!

Congratulations Dr. McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin successfully defended her dissertation, "Playing Like a Boy: Gender, High School Sport Participation, and Early Career Success," on July 2. Her advisor is Christopher Uggen. Dr. McLaughlin will begin her career as an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department, Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, Fall 2013. Congratulations, Dr. McLaughlin!


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