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Moltz successfully defends

Ryan Moltz successfully defended his dissertation, "Dealing with Totalitarian Legacies: The Politics of Lustration in Post-Communist Europe," on December 16, 2013. His advisor is Professor Ron Aminzade. Congratulations Dr. Moltz!

Rachael Kulick is a PhD!

Rachael Kulick defended her dissertation, "Home Birth in the U.S. and The Netherlands: Understanding Women's Experiences of Stigma, Nature and Trauma," on December 5, 2013. Rachael was advised by Professor Kathleen Hull. Great work Dr. Kulick.

Another Dr. in the house!

Dawna Reandeau defended her dissertation, "In God Do We Trust? An Analysis of Trust Reformation in a Catholic Parish," on December 3, 2013. Dr. Reandeau is advised by Professor David Knoke. Congratulations Dawna!


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