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Can you 'try on' Atheism?

Penny Edgell took part in a CNN Belief blog discussing a pastor's yearlong experiment with atheism.

Mary Drew Wins Service Award

Thumbnail image for Drew Awards photo.jpgCongratulations to Mary Drew as one of the recipients of the CLA Outstanding Service Award for contributions to the Sociology Department. A celebration was held on January 22 at the McNamara Alumni Center.

In Memoriam

We sadly announce that former faculty member, Bertram Ellenbogen, passed away at age 96 in Minneapolis. He received his Masters and Ph.D. in Rural Sociology from the U of WI-Madison. His first professorship was at Cornell where he was tenured, and in 1966 he came to the U of MN as Professor of Sociology. He was chair of the Latin American Studies Program (1967-68). In 1968, he took a leave to become Prof and Chair of the Dept. of Soc & Anthro at Colorado State U. In 1972 he returned to the U of MN where he remained until his retirement in 1986.

Erin Kelly Named Scholar of the College

Join us in congratulating Erin Kelly who has been named Scholar of the College for 2014. This award was established to acknowledge outstanding achievement by faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and are chosen on the basis of their past accomplishments and the promise of future achievement. This award includes three years of financial support for her research and creative work.

Peter Wruck is a Ph.D!

Peter Wruck successfully defended his dissertation, "It takes a Village? Neighborhoods and Children's Readiness for School," on January 10, 2014. Peter was advised by Dr. Rob Warren. Dr. Wruck is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at South Central College in Mankato, MN. Congratulations Peter!

Schurman & Cadieux Awarded Global Spotlight Grants

Rachel Schurman received a Global Spotlight Research Seed Grant for her project, The New Green Revolution and the Politics of Agricultural Policy Making in Tanzania; and Valentine Cadieux received a Global Spotlight Research Major Grant for her project, Building Popular Food Security Institutions: Developing Policy-Oriented Curriculum for Translating between Political Agro-Ecology Practice and Policy Reform in Nepal, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the E.U. The GPS Alliance's biennial focus is on a region of the world and a pressing global issue. In 2012-2014, the focus or spotlight is on the region of South Asia and the issue of Global Food Security.


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