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Dr. Shannon Golden in Reach Magazine

Shannon Golden (Ph.D 2013) is featured in the CLA publication Reach. Dr. Golden is currently a post-doc at Notre Dame.

Ph.D. Student Rob Stewart on MPR about Restore the Vote

Members of the Restore the Vote Coalition say a bill that would allow felons who have been released from prison to vote is a civil rights issue that will allow thousands of people, many of them minorities, to have a say in the political process. Read the story on MPR webpage.

Peter Wruck is a Ph.D!

Peter Wruck successfully defended his dissertation, "It takes a Village? Neighborhoods and Children's Readiness for School," on January 10, 2014. Peter was advised by Dr. Rob Warren. Dr. Wruck is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at South Central College in Mankato, MN. Congratulations Peter!

Moltz successfully defends

Ryan Moltz successfully defended his dissertation, "Dealing with Totalitarian Legacies: The Politics of Lustration in Post-Communist Europe," on December 16, 2013. His advisor is Professor Ron Aminzade. Congratulations Dr. Moltz!

Rachael Kulick is a PhD!

Rachael Kulick defended her dissertation, "Home Birth in the U.S. and The Netherlands: Understanding Women's Experiences of Stigma, Nature and Trauma," on December 5, 2014. Rachel was advised by Professor Kathleen Hull. Great work Dr. Kulick.

Another Dr. in the house!

Dawna Reandeau defended her dissertation, "In God Do We Trust? An Analysis of Trust Reformation in a Catholic Parish," on December 3, 2014. Dr. Reandeau is advised by Professor David Knoke. Congratulations Dawna!

Congratulations Dr. Wick!

Shawn Wick successfully defend his dissertation, "Missionaries of Modernization and Managers of Myth: Organizational Legitimacy in the Field of International Development," on November 26. His advisors are Profs. Ron Aminzade and Evan Schofer (UC-Irvine; UMN faculty 2000-2007). Dr. Wick is an Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Central College Pella, IA.

Congratulations Dr. Shannon Golden

Shannon Golden successfully defended her dissertation "After Atrocity: Community Reconstruction in Northern Uganda," on Sept. 20, 2013. Shannon's advisor is Professor Elizabeth Heger Boyle. Dr. Golden has taken a position as a Visiting Research Fellow with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Uno Successfully Defends

Mayumi Uno successfully defended her dissertation, "National Institutional Context and Educational Inequality," on Aug. 20, 2013. Dr. Uno is advised by Profs. Teresa Swartz and Evan Schofer (UC-Irvine). Congratulations, Dr. Uno!

Congratulations Dr. Mather!

Darin Mather successfully defended his dissertation, "Gender Equality in Religious Education: A Comparative Study of Catholic, Evangelical and Secular Private Schools in Guatemala," on August 5, 2013. Darin is advised by Penny Edgell. Dr. Mather is the Social Science Program Chair at Crown College in St. Bonafacius.


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