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Dr. Vania Brightman Cox successfully defends

Vania Brightman Cox successfully defended her dissertation, "An Ethnograhic Discourse Analysis of Anti-Trafficking Activism," on May 18, 2015. Her advisors are Professors Teresa Gowan and Elizabeth Boyle.

Sarah Lageson is a Ph.D.!

Sarah Lageson successfully defended her dissertation, "Digital Punishment in an Era of Online Crime Reporting," on May 13, 2015. Her advisor is Prof. Chris Uggen. In Fall 2015, Sarah will begin her career as an Assistant Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. Congratulations, Dr. Lageson!

Nyseth Brehm awarded Best Dissertation

Hollie Nyseth Brehm (Ph.D. 2014) has been awarded the 2015 University of Minnesota Graduate School's "Best Dissertation Award" in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Caren Arbeit successfully defends!

Caren Arbeit successfully defended her dissertation, "The Context of Parental Job Loss on Children's Educational Attainment," on November 14, 2014. Her advisor is Professor Rob Warren. Dr. Arbeit is a Research Analyst at the Education and Workforce Development Division, RTI International in San Francisco. Congratulations, Dr. Arbeit!

Congratulations, Dr. June Msechu!

June Msechu successfully defended her dissertation, Intergenerational Relationships and Eldercare in Rural Tanzania: A Life Course Perspective on the Implications of Social Change on Families on November 3, 2014. Dr. Msechu is advised by professors Ron Aminzade and Cawo Abdi. She will return to her position in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Best wishes Dr. Msechu.

Another Dr. in the House - Dr. Vandormael

Alain Vandormael successfully defended his dissertation, "The Preventive and Survival Benefits of Antiretroviral Use in a Rural South African Community," on September 19, 2014. Alain is advised by Professor Ann Meier.

Congratulations, Dr. Isik!

Gulseren Isik successfully defended her dissertation, "Institutional Reproduction: Reproduction of a Politico-legal Institution in a Contested Setting," on August 25, 2014. Her advisors are Professors Joachim Savelsberg and Robin Stryker (University of Arizona-Tucson).

Arturo Baiocchi is now a PhD!

Arturo Baiocchi successfully defended his dissertation, "In the System for Too Long: Former Foster Youth and the Structural Ambivalence towards Mental Health," on July 25. His advisor is Professor Doug Hartmann. Dr. Baiocchi works as a Research Analyst at the Institute for Social Research, California State University-Sacramento. Congratulations, Dr. Baiocchi!

Congratulations, Dr. Rechitsky!

Raphi Rechitsky successfully defended his dissertation, "Forced Migration Processes and Global Refugees at the Borders of Europe in Ukraine," on July 23, 2014. Rechitsky is advised by Professor Ron Aminzade. Dr. Rechitsky will begin a position as an Assistant Professor in Political Science and Sociology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Russia this fall.

Baek Defends and is off to Moscow!

Kyungmin Baek defended his dissertation, "The Adoption of Outcomes of ISO 14001 Across Korean Business Firms," on July 14, 2014. His advisor is Professor Erin Kelly. Dr. Baek will begin a position as an Assistant Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russian Federation, this fall. Congratulations!

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